Job for life

‘You’ve got a job for life there...’ I guarantee that anyone who has ever worked in a public garden will be familiar with this well-worn phrase. Word of advice: don’t get drawn in. Once, I did just that, mistakenly presuming a response was required:


What a mess

Have you ever been in a garden mess room? They are rarely mentioned, but are sacrosanct spaces that provide much needed sanctuary – from the sun, from the rain, from the visitors…


Arranger's block

Okay, so I’m not what you’d call classically courageous. But I’ve worked up ladders, I’ve reversed trailers, I’ve wielded a pruning saw in anger. So why does the phrase, ‘Max, do you fancy doing the flower arranging today’, give me the collywobbles?


There's this fox...

So, there’s a house on our street. At least I think there’s a house; it’s hard to tell what with the dense thicket of oversized shrubbery that’s slowly ingesting it.