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FEATURE_Sussex Prairies VL (1)_1.jpg

October 2022

The English Garden

An article on the enduring delights of Paul and Pauline McBride's signature creation, Sussex Prairie Garden in West Sussex.


Summer 2022

Bloom Magazine

A Natural Inheritance. An article on 
the pleasures and responsibilities of being bequeathed a garden


August 2020

The English Garden

A 5-page feature on transforming the stunning gold border at Parham House & Gardens in West Sussex


September 2022

The English Garden

A special feature marking the 25th anniversary of celebrated nursery  Marchants Hardy Plants.


March 2022

The English Garden

A feature on Great Dixter's glorious bulb meadows and how to create a similar effect in your own garden

FEATURE_Home FarmVL_1_edited.jpg

July 2022

The English Garden

A feature on Home Farm, the beautiful Acres Wild-designed garden, set in the rolling countryside of the West Sussex South Downs

_MG_3040 Round Dell view with Ligularia japonica 'Rising Sun', Filipendula camtschatica, G

August 2021

The English Garden

A feature on Sophie Walker's modern transformation of the Victorian Round Dell at Borde Hill in West Sussex.

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